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Areas underneath the control of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) in South Kordofan, Sudan, more commonly known as the Nuba Mountains, are suffering a growing humanitarian crisis as the region moves into a rainy season expected to last through September. Two years after the Sudanese government launched a new military campaign that has been rife with war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possibly genocide against communities in the Nuba Mountains, some harder to reach communities underneath the control of the SPLM-N have gone without humanitarian assistance since the beginning of the conflict.

In a new field update, “Land of the Hungry,” following a May 2013 End Nuba Genocide Coalition relief operation to one of these areas, Operation Broken Silence provides additional visual evidence that the Sudanese government’s violent crimes against civilian populations in South Kordofan and continued denial of humanitarian assistance in areas controlled by the SPLM-N has resulted in severe malnutrition and worsening food security that is nearing emergency levels. For communities with a closer proximity to direct ground conflict and those not on the beaten paths of current humanitarian efforts, the 2013 rainy season could spell disaster for those most vulnerable such as children under the age of five, the elderly, and the ill.

This important field update also notes that a lack of vaccinations, educational supplies and teachers, and international willpower to bring relief to areas under the control of the SPLM-N will have increasingly negative long-term effects on communities across the Nuba Mountains.

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View Land of the Hungry Report (PDF)