Land of the Hungry takes audiences directly from the forgotten corners of Sudan’s besieged Nuba Mountains all the way to the halls of the United States Congress. This film comes at a grim moment in Sudan as state-sponsored war crimes, crimes against humanity and violent oppression spread rapidly across the country. But even with the dark clouds of war and forced starvation once again intensifying across the periphery regions of Sudan, the people are pushing back and demanding true peace, liberty and justice. And as globally-minded citizens from around the world take notice of renewed government atrocities in Sudan, they are now responding themselves in extraordinary ways.

Want to help promote the film? Here’s what you can do:

Take Action Today

As shown in Land of the Hungry, the situation in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains is grim. There are two steps you can take to help change that.

  1. H.R. 1692, the Sudan Peace, Security, and Accountability Act, has the potential to change outdated U.S. foreign policy towards Sudan. This important legislation will only work if you begin communicating with your Representative’s office and urge them to become a cosponsor. URGE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY ->
  2. We’re not waiting on world leaders to uphold the global responsibility to protect and cherish human life in Sudan. Our End Nuba Genocide Coalition aid teams are delivering life-saving humanitarian assistance to some of the hardest hit regions of the Nuba Mountains. These missions are funded by private donations and fundraisers just like you. BECOME A FUNDRAISER TODAY ->