Operation Broken Silence is a movement fighting for peace and justice in Sudan. For more than two decades the regime of indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir has waged campaign after campaign of mass atrocity crimes against the people of Sudan’s periphery regions and present day South Sudan.

The Sudanese government murdered over two million people in southern Sudan last century. In the now infamous Darfur region, Bashir ordered the brutal genocide of over 300,000 people that shocked the conscience of the world. Today in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, hundreds of thousands are on the run as Sudanese forces continue a scorched-earth campaign that has been rife with war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possibly genocide. Meanwhile across other areas of Sudan, Sudanese willing to stand up to the government are being arrested, tortured, raped, and killed.

It is hard to imagine what these crimes actually look like. The numbers are so staggering that it is easy to think the situation is hopeless. But we have chosen to live thinking we can do something about it. Why? Because we have met the survivors, and they want our help.

The people of Sudan will ultimately be the ones who implement the change they seek. Sudan is their country and they are responsible for it. Our mission is to support them as they work towards a better future. We make documentary films to tell their story because the Sudanese asked us to. Our movement turns around and uses those films to raise funds for on-the-ground programs that are saving and changing lives right now as we advocate for a permanent end to Sudanese government crimes. Join us.