investing in the Sudanese people and the better future they seek

Operation Broken Silence is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Here you can find our annual reports which give insight into how we use the funds you raise and give to empower the Sudanese people. 

Our organization is currently on a three year "growth grant" provided by a generous private foundation. This is allowing us to surge past nearly a decade of growing pains with additional staff and resources, so we can scale more rapidly to our mission. The grant runs from September 2016-September 2019. During this time period, we expect funds invested into the organization will be much higher than previous years. 

Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report (Click To Download)

2015 Annual Report (Click To Download)

2014 Annual Report (Click To Download)

2013 Annual Report (Click To Download)

2012 Annual Report (Click To Download)