Our Values

beliefs we pursue wholeheartedly in our work

BE TRANSPARENT. Always be honest with how we use funds and resources provided to us, engage our supporters to understand how we can communicate better, and be open when things don't go as planned. 

BE DISRUPTIVE. Recruit and empower younger people into leadership roles, challenge those who reject new and creative methods, and uproot entrenched approaches in our corner of the nonprofit world that don't lead to progress.  

BE FOCUSED. Find passion from our mission and pursue all goals with determination. Do not be afraid to say no to things that draw us away from our purpose. 

BE INNOVATIVE. Think outside the box, experiment, and pursue new approaches even if they run the risk of failing. Don't keep repeating actions and approaches if they have a track record of not producing results. 

BE COMPASSIONATE. Listen to those we serve who are silenced, meet everyone we come across where they are, and help when we are capable of doing so.