Our Work

telling Sudanese stories, building a movement, and empowering Sudanese changemakers

We know the incredible bravery and resilience of the Sudanese people, so we focus on lifting up their voices and empowering them to tackle the vast challanges ahead of them. 

Currently, our organization focuses on the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan in our Storytelling And Movement Building and Education And Emergency Relief programs. Our Grassroots Advocacy program varies in scope depending on what legislation we are supporting or what the call to action is.

Despite the severity of the crisis in Sudan, the Sudanese people and the issues they face receive little to no media attention. On the rare occassion stories from Sudan are covered by the media, the country is often presented as a hopeless place with no solutions. Not only is this extremely unfair, it is also simply not true. 

Through the immense power of visual storytelling, we give the Sudanese people an opportunity to speak out for themselves and inspire people around the world to get involved in our Education and Emergency Relief programs. Our stunning media projects showcasing Sudanese stories mobilize people for action, as well as prove where every dollar you raise and give goes.


Funds raised by our movement are used to empower Sudanese-led education and healthcare operations in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan, which has been besieged in a genocidal war by the country's dictatorship since 2011.   Official humanitarian and media access to the Nuba Mountains has been banned by the Bashir regime, but this has not stopped our organization from entering the Nuba Mountains and associated refugee camps.

We partner with some incredible Sudanese individuals and organizations to empower the Nuba people in areas they have requested our assistance in. We sponsor one of the top-performing primary schools in Yida Refugee Camp, South Sudan and funnel much-needed funds to Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Most importantly, it is the Nuba people themselves saving and changing lives in these breathtaking programs. It is our privilege to empower them. 


Our organization runs grassroots campaigns in our home state of Tennessee around specific pieces of federal legislation concerning Sudan, as well as broader U.S. policy concerning genocide and mass atrocity crimes.

While we recognize that it is ultimately the people of Sudan who are responsible for moving their country forwards, we also understand that the United States government can play an important role in helping the people of Sudan achieve a free, just, and peaceful society in our lifetime.

The crisis in Sudan is also partially the result of a much larger problem in the world today: there is no coherent and working system in place to effectively prevent and respond to genocidal crises around the globe. Because of this, we also focus our advocacy efforts more broadly to include pushing for structural changes in the U.S. government that can improve our country's capacities towards dealing with these issues.