calling for smarter U.S. policies towards Sudan and genocide-related issues

Our organization runs grassroots campaigns in our home state of Tennessee around specific pieces of legislation concerning Sudan and broader U.S. policy towards genocide and mass atrocity crimes. While we recognize that it is ultimately the people of Sudan who are responsible for moving their country forwards, we also understand that U.S. policy can play a role in helping the people of Sudan achieve a free, just, and peaceful society. 


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Our advocacy campaigns are designed to put powerful resources into the hands of our grassroots activists. Whether they're speaking to their elected officials on the phone or walking into an in-district meeting, they're prepared and determined. Here are our current campaigns:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We do not currently have an advocacy campaign as there are no pieces of legislation we are supporting at this time. We invite you to visit the "Get Involved" section of our website for other opportunities to help. LEARN MORE »