Protection & Emergency Response

humanitarian efforts on the ground

We partner with some incredible local organizations and individuals to reach frontline communities on the ground in the Nuba Mountains region with emergency relief, support classrooms in Yida Refugee Camp, and help the only hospital in the Nuba Mountains get access to much-needed financial resources. 



Current Programs You Can Support

I Am A Teacher is a recurring donor campaign that allows you to provide monthly support to Nuba teachers, students, and classrooms in Yida Refugee Camp. LEARN MORE »

The Endure Campaign is raising funds to put Nuba teachers back to work in Yida Refugee Camp, where thousands of children do not have access to an education. LEARN MORE »

The Heart of Nuba Campaign is raising funds for the only hospital in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Everyday, American Dr. Tom Catena and his local staff tend to hundreds of patients dealing with illness and wounds from the violence. LEARN MORE »

The End Nuba Genocide Campaign is raising funds to bring emergency food and medical relief to frontline communities in the Nuba Mountains. LEARN MORE »

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