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Recurring Donor Update

Posted by Katie Barber on February 5th, 2017

This Spring we will be rolling out major updates to Civilian Protector, our recurring donor program. Here's what you need to know!

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Weekly Sudan News Roundup: February 2, 2017

Posted by OBS Team on February 2nd, 2017

Each week we gather important stories and updates from Sudan and consolidate them in one place for you. We also provide a few opportunities you can take to stand with the people of Sudan. 

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Memphis, We Belong Here

Posted by Scovia Wilson on February 2nd, 2017

Our Recruitment Director's thoughts on the march for refugees and immigrants last night here in Memphis, TN. 

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3 Ways To Support Sudanese Refugees

Posted by OBS Team on January 28th, 2017

The rights of refugees are under attack due to the Trump Administration's refugee ban. Here's what you can do about it.

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Decision To Lift Sudan Sanctions Is Premature

Posted by Mark Hackett on January 15th, 2017

The surprise decision by the Obama administration to lift Sudan sanctions is neither based in the reality of the situation on the ground nor the historical context of how the Sudanese dictatorship operates. 

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