12 Reasons To Fundraise For Sudan This Holiday Season

Posted by OBS Team on October 30th, 2015

November and December are the best two months of the year to turn your fundraising commitment into action. Your friends and family are looking to give more to unique nonprofits and causes during the holiday season and you can give them access to one of the most unique out there (hi, that's us!).

1. Raise $200 before the end of the year and get a t-shirt! Whether you already have a fundraising page or are about to start one, all individuals who raise at least $200 will be mailed one of our cozy shirts for free in January 2016!

2. Your fundraising creates real impact. In 2014, we saw over 100% fundraising and movement growth and translated that into real impact in our education and relief programs. And we're positioned to do that again this year!

3. Your fundraising looks great on your resume. If you're looking to add some unique volunteer hours to your resume or for some entry-level experience in the nonprofit sector, starting a fundraising page and reaching your goal by December 31 is a great addition. Many of our fundraisers and volunteers have let us know that their time with us helped them advance their career!

4. You get to choose what you are fundraising for or giving to. We currently have 3 fundraising campaigns you can join that support our education, emergency relief, or media programs. You can fundraise for and donate to what you are most passionate about.

5. You get to be a part of something bigger than yourself. We're 100% serious when we say our goal is to get people off the sidelines and into the game. You can invest the next two months in real, tangible ways with us and keep going beyond that. The way Sudan is today is not the way it always will be. 

6. People believe in what we're doing. When we became a nonprofit, a lot of people told us it would be impossible to present a positive message about Sudan and that doing so wouldn't allow us to meet the Sudanese people where they are. Nearly four years later, that's exactly what we're doing and it just keeps getting bigger and better.

7. You get to see your fundraising and giving results. We post photo and written updates about our programs throughout the year to our blog so you can see your impact. We believe you should know where your money is going.

8. We support your efforts. Our mission is only achievable with your help. No one can replace your spot in our movement. That's why we offer you access to the best fundraising platform and resources in the world. 

9. We take risks to get the job done. We're not scared to try new things whether they succeed or fail. We know that to provide the Sudanese people the support they need, we're going to have to think and do things outside of the box. Whether that's making new films or sending our relief teams right up to the frontlines, we don't stop and we won't stop.

10. We're different from the average nonprofit. We are laser-focused on a single issue and believe that media, design, and communication are important to our growth and the growth of our movement. There's always plenty to be excited about with us! 

11. Our programs have an impact and are scalable. Whether you fundraise or give to our next filmemergency relief program, or education initiative, all of our programs are designed to be high-impact and easy to scale. Simply put, the more you raise and give the more impact you can have. 

12. Our mission is 100% attainable. When we say that our mission is for peace and justice in Sudan in our lifetime, we mean it because we know it's possible. We're one of the few Sudan focused nonprofits that has actually put staff and volunteers on the ground in Sudan. We've seen the potential of the Sudanese people to create lasting change firsthand.

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