2015 In-Kind Gifting

give us the special tools we need to succeed

Posted by OBS Team on December 26th, 2014

Since 2012, we have found that the growth of donations and volunteer efforts are directly linked to growth of our media program . We believe and know that our success in visual storytelling is what inspires ordinary people to action within our movement for peace and justice in Sudan. 

Based on three years experience in shooting documentary films, fundraising stories, and campaign videos, our media team has noticed several gaps in what we are capable of based on our current equipment. After a lot of research, we have identified key pieces of equipment that will help us grow for years to come.

If you're looking to help us continue growing as an organization so that we can accomplish our mission, we have setup a great donation option that addresses most of these gaps. Our Amazon wishlist allows you to purchase these items for our media team and send them directly to us right from your computer. 

Help us scale to our dream and mission. Make an in-kind donation today »

Have questions about some of these items or need a receipt for your in-kind donation? Contact us »

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