5 Reasons To Fundraise For Education in Sudan This Holiday Season

Posted by Audrey Tetzeli on October 27th, 2017

November and December are the best two months of the year to empower the people of Sudan! Your friends and family are looking to give to causes they care about during the holiday season. By starting a fundraising page for our education program in Yida Refugee Camp, you can provide them an easy way to make a difference!

I have 5 great reasons why you should start a fundraising page so that your friends and family can get involved. Here they are:

1. Your Fundraising Creates Real Impact.

So far this year, our fundraisers have helped us achieve over 15% fundraising growth and we have been hard at work translating that into real impact on the ground. 

You've put 12 Nuba teachers back to work who are serving 940 students every week in Yida Refugee Camp. And plans are in the works to open another school as well! 


By starting a fundraising page and raising $250 this holiday season, you can help us empower even more children in Yida Refugee Camp in 2018. 


2. You Know Where The Money Goes.

Once you start your fundraising page, every donation you raise is automatically earmarked for education. Every few months we dispatch funds raised by you to the field and then provide photo updates afterwards showing how the funds were used! Pretty cool, right?

We also provide insight into what is coming down the pipe in each program update. This is particularly useful for fundraisers as they can tell potential donors exactly how their money will be used in the months ahead. 


3. Fundraising Is Easy!

Many of our fundraisers have told us over the years that we are the easiest nonprofit organization they have ever fundraised with. We provide our fundraisers with some of the best staff support (that's me!) and resources available so that they can better educate their friends about Sudan and get them involved through giving. In fact, most fundraisers can hit their $250 fundraising goal in just 30 minutes! 

What many of our fundraisers find most helpful though is their online fundraising page. It comes complete with a powerful video and plenty of room to tell your own story about why you are fundraising. Basically, a lot of the hard work is already done for you! 


4. You Are A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself.

We're 100% serious when we say our goal is to get people off the sidelines and into the game. You can invest a little bit of time during the holidays in tangible ways and keep going beyond that if you want. 

The way Sudan is today is not the way it always will be. History is made by those who show up. By starting a fundraising page this holiday season, you will be joining our movement of people who have decided to do something extraordinary together: empower the Sudanese to achieve the future they want. 


5. Our Mission Is Attainable.

When we say that our mission is to build a global movement to empower the Sudanese people through innovative programs, we mean it because we are already doing it. Operation Broken Silence is one of the few Sudan-focused nonprofits that has actually put staff and volunteers on the ground in Sudan. We've witnessed the potential of the Sudanese people to create lasting change. This doesn't mean that our mission is easy, but it is 100% attainable. 

I know the holiday season is a busy time for most people. You can easily help your friends and family think and act for others this holiday season by starting a fundraising page and taking a few minutes each week to ask them to give towards your goal. Together, we can all leave a lasting impact for the people of Sudan this holiday season. 


About Operation Broken Silence

The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is working to accelerate their ability to generate lasting change through media and mobilization, education and emergency response, and advocacy programs

When your friends and family give to your fundraising page, their donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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