April 2018 Endure Primary School Update

an update from the primary school in Yida Refugee Camp

Posted by Mark Hackett on April 2nd, 2018

In 2015, Operation Broken Silence launched the Endure Campaign, a fundraising movement focused on supporting the Endure Primary School in Yida Refugee Camp, South Sudan. This is an update on how your fundraising and giving is leading to real results at this special school. 


People in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan have been living in emergency conditions since June of 2011, when the government of Sudan launched a relentless campaign of terror and death against their communities. The Sudanese government has officially banned all aid and media organizations from the Nuba Mountains in an attempt to cover up it’s war crimes. The deteriorating situation here has become a forgotten conflict for much of the world. Click or tap the map for a visual. 

A fragile ceasefire is currently in effect in the Nuba Mountains, but many expect it not to last. 

Tens of thousands of children have fled the war and genocide in the Nuba Mountains and are sitting in refugee camps where few educational services exist. Dozens of Nuba teachers have been unable to get back to work due to a lack of financial resources. This education crisis is an enormous long-term issue threatening the future of not only the Nuba people, but also all of Sudan.

Building and supporting classrooms, paying teacher salaries, and ensuring that children have access to a free education is one of our organization's top priorities. You can watch the Endure Campaign video to see what that actually looks like on the ground:

Endure Primary School Update

Beginning in 2015 with the launch of the Endure Campaign, we began supporting four small classrooms in Yida Refugee Camp. Since then and entirely because of your fundraising and giving, this school now has ten classrooms led by twelve Nuba teachers and a support coordinator. Every week they teach just shy of 1,000 students who have fled from the Nuba Mountains. Some of these children have lost their parents or been separated from them due to the Sudanese government's war. 

Last update, we announced that we were in the early stages of adding the final grade and classroom to this top-performing school. We're still a little short on funding to make that happen, but our expectation is that the process will be completed by the end of the year. 

Some of the students who lacked clothing at the school have been provided school uniforms from your support, which you can see in the photos below. Classrooms are also now at 100% capacity. This means we can no longer accept more students into the school until more classrooms are added or when students move up to new grades and graduate from the school. 

The United Nations largely withdrew from Yida Refugee Camp in 2016 under strange circumstances and there has been a number of fluctutations in the size of the camp since then. Because of this, it has been virtually impossible to determine exactly how many children in Yida remain without a classroom. Current estimates put Yida's entire population at 54,000 people. 

Here are a few recent photos from the school:

Endure Primary School, Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence on 500px.com

Endure Primary School, Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence on 500px.com

Endure Primary School, Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence on 500px.com

Endure Primary School, Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence on 500px.com

Endure Primary School, Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence on 500px.com

Endure Primary School, Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence on 500px.com

What's Coming Up Next?

Currently, these classrooms are offering Primary 1 - Primary 7 grade levels. The teachers have a goal of adding Primary 8 by the end of this year, which will make our school a full-fledged primary level school for Nuba students. To do this, we need to raise another $4,000 for additional text books and other supplies. You can help make that happen by taking one of the get involved actions below. 

We have also entered the early planning stages of opening a high school in Yida Refugee Camp at the end of 2018. Our hope is that by the end of summer 2018 we will have a full needs assessment completed on what that will entail. Stay tuned!

The Endure Primary School in Yida Refugee Camp is one of the few high-impact schools serving Nuba students in need. Without this critical Nuba-led institution, over 900 more children would be without access to a classroom. Many of the students at the school are orphaned or don't know where their parents are, making the school one of the only structured things in their life. 

Here are three effective ways you can help support the teachers and students at the Endure Primary School:

1. Start Fundraising. Stand For Education with us by starting a fundraising page and raising $250. This is the best way to help us raise the remaining $4,000 needed to open the final grade. BECOME A FUNDRAISER »

2. Give Monthly. This is the easiest way to support the lifechanging work being done every day at the Endure primary School. Signing up takes less than a minute, and you'll be effortlessly providig consistent support. LEARN MORE »

3. Give. If you're not ready to make a monthly giving or fundraising commitment yet, making a one-time donation to the school is the perfect next step for you. GIVE HERE »

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