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an inside look at our latest campaign video

Posted by OBS Team on August 1st, 2017

Today our organization relaunched our monthly giving program to better reflect our brand, mission, and the incredible people we serve in Sudan. This 6-month long process included research, communication with our supporters about what they would like to see, and a new piece of media that is, well, pretty amazing. Here's the rundown of how The Renewal was made and how it ties into our mission of helping you empower the Sudanese people. 

When we decided to rebrand our recurring donor program in November 2016, we knew we needed to do so in such a way that it could travel with us for years to come as our programs and culture continue to evolve. Our solution was to go to the heart of our movement and tell the story of Scovia Wilson, our Recruitment Director who fled from Sudan as a small child due to the war there. 

At the same time, we also needed to make a campaign video relatable to people who may not be very familiar with Sudan and the crisis there, as well as transition to a new logo that speaks more to how impactful being a recurring donor is.

First came the name, logo, and script for the video. We upgraded to The Renewal, which speaks to both Scovia's story as well as how being a recurring donor helps. The new logo seen here also symbolizes what being a recurring donor is all about: protecting (shield) and empowering (sapling growing) the Sudanese as they seek a better future. Sure, we are the ones that are giving, but they are the people doing the day-to-day work on the ground. 

Next came the script. Encapsulating Scovia's story in under three minutes was a challenge, so we decided to get creative and lean more towards her experiences and how they relate to what is still happening in Sudan. You can experience that in the full video at the end of this blogpost. 

The Shoot

Another way we wanted viewers to better relate to the crisis in Sudan and how they can help is link what we call our "two worlds." This is the primary reason we have our Media & Mobilization program: it is difficult for people outside of Sudan to connect to the crisis there without actually seeing and hearing from the people living through it. At the same time, bringing visuals and symbolism from "our world" that people are familiar with such as shots of city life and other public areas builds into our goal of connecting people here to people in Sudan. At the end of the day, the Sudanese people aren't statistics, they are real people just like us. 

We're headquartered in Memphis, TN and it is a beautiful place to film in. In January 2017 we selected several areas of our city to film Scovia in including Shelby Farms Park, Memphis Central Station, Cafe Keough, Broad Avenue, and more. On February 4, 2017, starting at 5AM when it was a brisk 22 degress outside, we started filming in ways that matched Scovia's voiceover and story. Filming was topped off with a seedling that matches The Renewal logo. Here's a few photos from the shoot:

Behind The Scenes: The Renewal by Operation Broken Silence on

Behind The Scenes: The Renewal by Operation Broken Silence on

Behind The Scenes: The Renewal by Operation Broken Silence on

Behind The Scenes: The Renewal by Operation Broken Silence on

Next came the edit. We brought in footage from our upcoming documentary film and from previous ones to tie our "two worlds" together. Some color grading, sound design, tweaks, and done!

In the end, all the detailed planning and effort put into creating The Renewal paid off. Today was the official launch day of the campaign and 31 generous people have already joined The Renewal. That's an additional $19,000 a year flowing into the education, emergency relief, medical, and storytelling programs we support in Sudan! And we're only just getting started.

Now you have the opportunity to join us in empowering the Sudanese people by joining The Renewal. After you watch the The Renewal, simply scroll on down to get involved.

The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is working to accelerate their ability to generate lasting change through media and mobilization, education and emergency response, and advocacy programs. 

The Renewal is our automatic monthly giving program that directly supports these programs and the Sudanese benefiting from them. It’s like your monthly subscription to a video, music, or internet cable service, but it empowers the Sudanese people!

To learn more about The Renewal, the perks of joining, and to give to a specific program, just click or tap the button below. 

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