A Behind The Scenes Look

at our first merchandise photoshoot

Posted on September 15th, 2015

In early October 2015 we will be launching our online merchandise store! This may seem like a small feat, but there has actually been a lot of work put into this by several talented people over the course of 4 months. 

We take design, imagery, and communication pretty seriously. Our end goal for our online store is to clearly represent our brand, be easy to navigate, and have the visual beauty of a mainstream clothing and lifestyle catalog. Several graphic designers, photographers, web designers, and photogenic people came together to make that possible. Memphis, the city we love to call home, has no shortage of places to shoot high-quality photos as well.

After some debate, we chose the historic Cooper-Young area on an early morning for the final photoshoot. With a variety of architectural design, alleys, friendly people, and local businesses, it was the perfect area to photograph items you will soon be able to buy while supporting our mission for peace and justice in Sudan. Here's a few of our favorite photos: 

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Thank You!

There are several people who donated their time and skills to our new merchandise line. A big thanks to Stephen Hackett, Josh Boyd, Zan Roach, and Ethan Fowler for designing and sourcing all of the items you will soon find in our store. We'd also like to thank Katie Barber, Jake Geyer, and Aaron Baggett for managing the promotional photos and video. And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to McCheyne Post, Korene Hankins, Lesley Kimble, and Nicole Lawless for modeling our new merchandise. 

Due to these awesome individuals donating their time and talent, we estimate that they saved our organization $2,150 so that we could make our first merchandise line possible. We couldn't have done it without their generous support!

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