Campaigns We Love: Chris Ward's Story

meet Chris Ward, a man on a mission to raise $150,000

Posted by OBS Team on December 10th, 2014

Chris Ward is a lead fundraiser for the End Nuba Genocide Campaign. 

In March 2014, he was serving on a medical mission to South Sudan. While in the north of the country, he stumbled into one of our aid teams delivering relief into the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, where a vicious genocide has been raging since 2011. The Sudanese government has closed off humanitarian access to the region in an attempt to starve hundreds of thousands of people to death.

Like many others who are deeply concerned for the people of Sudan, Chris was unaware that any organization was able to help the people in the Nuba Mountains. When he heard we had been doing these emergency relief missions for two years, he was amazed. As Chris watched these brave individuals head into one of the most dangerous war zones in the world, he knew he was being called to get involved with our efforts.

Chris has pledged to raise $150,000 for these lifesaving relief missions that are being extended into 2015. He has already raised tens of thousands of dollars on my own, but he is still trying to reach his goal. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pledge to raise $1,000 and join his fundraising team »

  2. Make a one-time donation towards his goal »

  3. Learn more about Sudan and the mission at his fundraising page »

The people of the Nuba Mountains are relying on people just like us to survive. By joining Chris and his amazing story effort, we can make that happen.

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