Campaigns We Love: John Weiss and the Ithaca Community

champion fundraising for peace and justice in Sudan

Posted by Mark Hackett on December 10th, 2014

John Weiss is not your average college professor. When he is not in the classroom, he is passionately inspiring people to fight genocide in various corners of the world. His Cornell Action Group in Ithaca, New York has created some powerful advocates and fundraisers over the last several years. 

I first met John a few years ago at a coffee shop in Washington DC. I was in our nation's capital to screen our first documentary film to think tanks and other organizations, as well as to speak to Congressional offices about the situation in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. John became a valued partner on that trip as he joined me for several events and meetings aimed at raising awareness about what the United States government can do in the region. We have kept in touch ever since and work on managing the End Nuba Genocide Campaign alongside of some other amazing individuals. 

Today, John has inspired a small group of students and members of the Ithaca community to raise $9,000 for our work

The Sudanese government has closed off humanitarian access to the Nuba Mountains region in an attempt to starve hundreds of thousands of people to death. John and his fundraising team are firm believers that individuals can have a lifesaving impact when it comes to Sudan through our work, which is driven and funded by amazing indiviudals just like John and his team. You can help this awesome group of indiviudals hit their goal by contributing to their efforts.

Give generously towards their goal »

The people of the Nuba Mountains are relying on indiviudals just like us to survive. By joining these Ithaca fundraisers, we can make that happen.

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