December 2019 Nuba College Scholarship Fund Update

an update on Jargi Joseph's higher education journey

Posted by Mark Hackett on December 10th, 2019

Since 2016, Operation Broken Silence has set aside a small amount of money each year to assist a Nuba student who is college-ready. Virtually all students in the Nuba Mountains and Yida Refugee Camp do not have access to higher education due to geographic location and funding challenges, which means they must attend a university elsewhere in east Africa. Our movement is currently supporting a Nuba student in Uganda who is studying Public Administration and Management.


People in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan have been living in emergency conditions since June of 2011, when Sudan's military regime launched another genocidal war against their communities. The regime banned all aid and media organizations from the Nuba Mountains in an attempt to cover up their war crimes and increase suffering on the Nuba people.

Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir was overthrown in a military coup in April 2019. Sudan now has a fledgling transitional government that is seeking to move the country toward civilian, democratic rule. In October, Sudan’s Council of Ministers granted permission for the World Food Programme (WFP) to visit Kauda, the opposition capital in the war-torn Nuba Mountains region, for the first time in more than eight years. Sadly though, this new government has not yet lifted the humanitarian blockade on the Nuba Mountains, nor has a permanent peace been achieved. A fragile ceasefire is holding together in the Nuba Mountains, bu there have been several targeted attacks by regime forces in frontline areas over the past few months. No aerial bombing has been reported.

Most schools in the Nuba Mountains are now destroyed, closed, or barely functioning. The education crisis in this part of Sudan has spilled over into Yida Refugee Camp as well, where thousands of children lack access to a quality education. Operation Broken Silence sponsors the Endure Primary and Renewal High Schools in Yida. 

Despite these severe challenges, a small number of Nuba students have managed to become college-ready over the last several years. They have attended the few schools available to them and self-taught with whatever resources they can find. Since 2016, we have been supporting one of these students, Jargi Joseph Aloga, as he attends college in Uganda. You can watch his story here:

On November 28, Jargi received his Diploma in Public Administration and Management from St. Lawrence University. He asked me to pass along this message to you all:

I honor and thank you so much for all you have done for me. Without you, I wouldn't so far reach this milestone. Without you I have no idea on how my future will look like. This gown does not belong to me, but to you. It's all out of your sacrifice that I am wearing it today.

I earlier talked of building projects targeting young people, conducting civic education on different issues. When I finish school, I will go back to Nuba Mountains and see how I can help in these areas.

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Jargi will continue with advanced studies in Uganda for another three semesters. In the coming months and as his studies near an end, Jargi will begin narrowing down his plan for serving his people. We're excited to see what he comes up with!

Our scholarship fund is beginning to run low. If you would like to support Jargi and future students just like him, you can find ways to do that below. 

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Operation Broken Silence is one of the only nonprofits in the world that has a college scholarship fund exclusive to the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Without this fund, Jargi Joseph and future students just like him will not be able to attain a higher education. Here are three effective ways you can help this fund continue in the years ahead:

1. Give Monthly. This is the easiest way to grow the Nuba College Scholarship Fund. Signing up takes less than a minute, and you'll be effortlessly provide consistent support moving forwards. LEARN MORE »

2. Become a Fundraiser. You can start a personal fundraising page for our education program and ask your friends and family to give towards your goal. This is the best way to support education for Nuba students and get your community involved at the same time. START FUNDRAISING »

3. Give. If you're not ready to make a monthly giving or fundraising commitment yet, making a one-time donation is the perfect next step for you. GIVE HERE »

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