Eden's Run 5K Update

we're already 10% of the way to our $20,000 goal!

Posted by OBS Team on August 6th, 2015

Thanks to event sponsors and our first few Team Captains, we are already 10% of the way to our $20,000 fundraising goal for Eden's Run 5K 2015! The run for peace and justice in Sudan isn't until October 24, so we're a little ahead of the game thanks to your generosity.


To reach our $20,000 goal by October 24, we need a total of 40 Team Captains registered by the end of September. Out of the 26 of you who have committed to becoming a Team Captain already, only four individuals have registered and started their team pages.

You don't need to have your 4 runners already recruited to become a Team Captain, but you are not officially a Team Captain until you are registered and have your team fundraising page set up. These two steps only take a few minutes, so go ahead and knock it out right now. The sooner you are registered, the more time you will have to recruit your 4 runners and make sure everyone hits their fundraising goal! No point in making something fun more stressful by waiting until the last minute!


We'll have another update out when we reach 25% of our goal. Talk to you then!

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