From The Ground: Protests In Sudan

a collection of images and stories as told by the Sudanese people

Posted by OBS Team on January 25th, 2019

Widespread protests that erupted in Sudan on December 19 over the rising prices of bread and fuel have morphed into calls for the kleptocratic and murderous Bashir regime to be removed from power. Sudan's dictatorship has responded by unleashing its genocidal militias, "ghost troops," and heavily-armed police against unarmed protesters. The deadly use of live fire and tear gas by government forces against Sudanese citizens is now widespread and worsening. 

In an attempt to cover up its crimes against Sudanese demanding their basic rights and a better future, as well as prevent protesters from better organizing, the Bashir regime has attempted to block access to social media sites. Tech-savvy Sudanese citizens have responded by using VPNs to get both inspirational and horrifying video and photo evidence out into the world. 

Below are some of these videos, photos, and stories that the Sudanese people are sharing. We do warn you that some of what follows is graphic and difficult to look at:

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