Gifts In Kind

Posted by OBS Team on January 2nd, 2013


In-kind donations from businesses, families, and individuals help keep our operation costs lower so we can continue operating on our 90% model. We are forever grateful to those who have delighted us with such generosity. All of these items would be things we could not afford on our own and that we now can’t imagine living without.

Jay Holcomb Young Life Center: Providing us deeply discounted office and event space so we have a base of operations.

First Evangelical Church: Provided the full budget for our first documentary film.

Stephen Hackett: Donating countless freelance hours since 2006 to keep our website running.

Dean Film & Video: Provided us countless hours of post-production assistance and free access to their studio for our first documentary film.

John Hubbel Weiss: Gifted us a brand new, top of the line satellite phone for our time in the field.

Mark and Olivia Hackett: Gave us thousands of dollars worth of hi-grade camera batteries, memory cards, and other camera gear to be sure we are prepared for any situation in the field.

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