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the dress code and some special details about the event

Posted by Audrey Tetzeli on May 16th, 2018

Good People Good Beer 2018 is two weeks away! When tickets first went on sale this year, we announced that the Gala will be 1920s Speakeasy themed. Not only was this a fascinating time in American history, but it also compliments our venue at the Propcellar beautifully, which features lots of amazing vintage props and antique furniture! 

To celebrate the Roaring Twenties, we’ve put together some additional details about the evening below so you know how to dress and know what to expect. 


Your Costume

The 1920s marked the first time women’s fashion entered the modern era. Skirt hemlines began falling higher than the ankle and for more formal festivities like this, it was all about the textures-- fringe, feathers, sequins, and beads. Accessories such as headbands and gloves are also encouraged! 

Men’s fashion during this time period included dress shirts with suspenders, ties, and vests. Pinstripe suits, as well as lighter colors became popular during this time. Men’s outfits were usually accessorized with hats-- top hats, bowlers, fedoras, page boys, and even straw boaters during the summer.

Here are some 1920s Speakeasy themed costumes we found on Pinterest. This will give you a good idea of what you need to wear to the Gala on June 16!

Here's a great little read on the types of things to wear as well.  

Dress to impress so you aren't left out! No shorts, flip-flops, or t-shirts. Dress to the theme!


This Year's Hidden Beer

Hidden in the Whiskey, Wine, & Beer Pull station at this year's Gala is another rare gem of a brew, this time from Berlin, Germany! The Royale Imperial Saison Du Buff by Dogfish Head, Victory, and Stone is something else. This farmhouse style ale is brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary, and lemon thyme. It might sound rustic, but it’s not lacking in anything, especially not refinement! One bottle is worth $55 retail value.

Here's a photo of this 10% ABV, hoppy saison that comes in a whopping 750ML bottle:


Introducing The Gala Snapchat Filter

For those of you on Snapchat, we've heard you!

This year there will be a geofilter just for the Gala! When you walk into Propcellar on June 16, just pull up your Snapchat app to access it. This is a great way to not only let your friends know what you're up to, but also raise a little awareness about our work in Sudan. 

You can get an early look at the filter by clicking or tapping the image. 

While we're on the topic of social media stuff, go ahead and follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Snapchat to keep up with us leading up to the Gala and to tag us when you're there! 


The Brews & Eats

One of the highlights of the Gala every year is the beer selection! This year, the 5 tasting brews will hail back to the 1920s. This was the time of Prohibition. Speakeasys were found across major cities. Alcohol was definitely illegal, but that didn't stop Americans from brewing and drinking beer. 

Many illegal brewers during the 1920s brewed beer extra strong in smaller batches, then dumped water into it before bootleggers began distribution. Making small batches allowed brewers to keep their operations relatively small to avoid detection, while adding water kept their production, and profits, up. The results: lighter and milder brews like lagers, steam ales, and ambers. 

Dinner will also hail from the era and will be provided by some of our favorite restaurants in Memphis, including The Gray Canary, The Arcade, Blind Bear, and more! Come hungry and thirsty!

If You Haven't Registered Yet...

You really need to do so right now! Like, right now. Registration deadlines are here, which means prices are going up and tickets are being claimed faster:

  • June 8: $85 General Registration ends.
  • June 8: FREE $200 Fundraising Challenge Registration ends.
  • June 15: $100 Last Minute Registration ends.
  • June 16: Pay At The Door Tickets are $150 each, if any are available.

If you want to get in the door FOR FREE, the $200 Fundraising Challenge is for you! Most of our fundraisers can raise $200 through their fundraising page in under 10 minutes. This is a great and easy way to not only get in the door for free, but also bring more funding to the Endure Primary School that the Gala supports. We also have a dedicated staffer (that's me!) and some amazing fundraising resources at your disposal to help you reach your goal. 


About Audrey

The granddaughter of a Holocaust escapee and Spanish Civil War survivor and the daughter of a Cuban refugee, Audrey grew up in Memphis, TN. Originally a yoga instructor by trade and Facing History and Ourselves alum, her vibrant personality and passion for the Sudanese people inspire those around her. 

Audrey serves as our Fundraising Enthusiast. She empowers and guides our fundraisers, donors, and event hosts in raising more funds for the life-changing programs we support in Sudan and Sudanese refugee camps. 


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