How To Start A Fundraising Team

Posted by on April 13th, 2017

Expanding your fundraising into a team effort can greatly increase your capabilities and impact. It can also take some of the fundraising burden off of you. Let's get started!

Sample Campaign

1. Create a Team Through Your Fundraising Page. On your fundraising page click the MANAGE button at the top right. Once on the Overview section, scroll to the very bottom where there will be a “Join Or Create A Team” button. Click this and follow the prompts to create your very own fundraising team!

2. Invite People Who Will Follow Through. It can be really discouraging to have a bunch of people join your fundraising team and then none of them actually fundraise! A way to avoid this is to ask people who are close to you, familiar with your passion for the cause, and will be willing to follow-through.

3. Make It Easy For Your Team. Share your fundraising tips and tricks with them, especially the donor tracking sheet and the fundraising tip sheet.

4. Lead by Example. Carve out a time where you can hop on the phone or meet at a coffee shop to see how fundraising is going for your team and help them overcome any trouble they might be having.

Need Additional Help?

We've only seen it happen a few times, but sometimes a fundraiser does everything right and still makes no progress. If almost no one is giving to your campaign and you have tried everything on our Fundraising Support listcontact us for additional help. 

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