How To Communicate With Your Fundraising Team

Posted by OBS Team on December 11th, 2014
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Teams with leaders who communicate well almost always outperform other teams. Be sure your team knows how much you value them as a group and as individuals. Here are a few great ways to do that:

  • Preemptive Congratulations  When new members join your team, get out in front of things by thanking them for their commitment. Send them a quick e-mail, text, or phone call letting them know how important their participation is to the continued success of the team. By setting an appreciative tone in your initial communication, you will make it much harder for people to forget, give up, or fail to follow through. 

  • Be Responsive  As you see new members' efforts get underway reach out to them with brief communications. Congratulate people on reaching benchmarks, comment on their event pages, and of course respond to their inquiries. If team members feel like you are right there with them, they will follow through in greater numbers. 

  • Encouragement  Fundraising often goes through peaks and valleys. Team members might get off to a strong start but then start to fizzle. That’s when you need to be ready to step right in with a personal e-mail or a quick phone call to encourage your team member to keep going and not to become discouraged. Remind them of the successes they’ve already had and how important their efforts are to your cause. Be there when they need you the most. 

  • Keep it Relevant  You should consider creating a regular e-mail update for your team members and a private Facebook group for them as well. Keep them apprised of the progress they’re making as a group and let them know what that means for the greater movement. Reinforce the fact that their success means that we all get that much closer to achieving our mission.

  • The Personal Touch — Don’t underestimate the impact that a two line personal e-mail or a short phone call can make with your fundraisers. Add the personal touch to increase follow through and drive up that amazing thing called inspiration. 

Remember that you set the tone for the team! Lead by example, lead with compassion, and lead to success. 

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