How To Fundraise On Facebook

you can now start a fundraising page on Facebook!

Posted by Audrey Tetzeli on March 26th, 2018

If you use social media regularly, you have probably noticed that Facebook now has its own fundraising platform! Fundraising is an incredible way to empower the Sudanese people, get your family and friends involved, and raise awareness about the crisis in Sudan and our work all at the same time. It’s time-flexible, high-impact, and can be done from anywhere!

Operation Broken Silence typically uses our own fundraising platform to do this, but with the growing popularity of fundraising on Facebook, we wanted to tell you everything you need to know to be successful. Let's get started!

1. Start Your Facebook Fundraiser

Get started by going to our official Facebook page! Look just beneath our banner image and click the Create Fundraiser button. Then click the blue Get Started button. Our name should pop up in the Who are you raising money for? box, but if it doesn't you can type in our name. Then enter how much money you would like to raise and the date you’d like your fundraiser to end. Complete the last few steps, and just like that you are ready to fundraise!

2. Tell People Your "Why" & Invite Them To Give

Your Facebook page already shows who you are, but be sure to tell your family and friends why you’re fundraising and what inspired you to raise money to empower the Sudanese people! Share a quick message that tells your why so they know more about us.

Once your page is setup, you'll have the opportunity to directly invite people to give. Go ahead and select everyone you think would be willling to pitch in a few bucks towards your fundraiser! Once you're done, share your fundraiser to your timeline with a brief message explaining why you want people to give. 

3. Lead By Example & Make Direct Asks

Sometimes potential supporters don’t want to be the first to the party! Make the first donation to your fundraiser yourself. This shows your potential givers that you're already bought into our mission, and they should be too!

Making individual asks to close family and friends you are connected to on Facebook is a great way to motivate people to donate! Wouldn’t you be more likely to attend an event with a friend if they personally asked you? Start creating a buzz with those closest to you!

4. Thank Every Donor & Remind People To Give

When you have friends or family donate, give them a sincere shout out thanking them for helping you reach your goal!

Don’t hesitate to follow up with the people you’ve asked to give who haven’t donated yet! We all get busy and need reminding sometimes! 

If you haven't been using our Donor Tracking Sheet, we encourage you to start so you can keep up with who you've asked to give and when you need to follow up with. GET IT HERE »

5. Continue Thanking & Updating

As more of your network gets behind you, keep thanking them on social media and make sure you continue to share your progress towards your goal. This not only keeps your supporters updated about how they are making an impact together, it could also lead to someone donating again!

Fundraising often takes a little creativity and persistence, but it’s vitally important to empowering the Sudanese people Know that your effort will make a big difference!

Need Additional Help?

We've only seen it happen a few times, but sometimes a fundraiser does everything right and still makes no progress. If almost no one is giving to your campaign and you have tried everything on our Fundraising Support listcontact us for additional help. 

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