How To Send A Donation E-Card

give a gift in honor of someone

Posted by OBS Team on November 4th, 2015

Throughout the year we update all of our campaigns and donation pages to include e-cards! Our e-cards allow you to give in honor of someone and let them know that you did. Here's how it works!

This image (click to expand) shows you how quick and easy it is to give in honor of someone and let them know that you did! When you are making a donation to any of our programs or through our general donation form, you can take these 4 easy steps to send an e-card:

1. Select Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone and a new section of the form will appear.

2. Fill in the person's name and their email address 

3. Select the card you would like to send by clicking the one you like. 

4. Type in a quick message to them and then complete the donation process. 

Once you complete the donation form and click Send Your Gift they will receive the e-card and message you sent them. And just like that you have given in honor of someone! This is a great option for the holidays, to celebrate a birthday, if you need a last minute gift, or if you just feel like doing something nice. 

So, ready to give in honor of a friend or family member?

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