How To Write A Donation Appeal Template

Posted by Audrey Tetzeli on April 21st, 2017

So, what is a personalized donation appeal? It’s a basic template of what you want to say when you ask people to donate. You can save A LOT of time and energy by writing a basic outline of how you want to ask for donations and then personalizing it when you need to.

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The 4 Components That Should Be In Your Appeal

1. Tell A Story. People give to causes that touch their hearts, not just their heads. Tell the story (as succinctly as possible while still conveying passion!)  of how you became aware of the situation in Sudan and why you’re choosing to fundraise for a particular program.

2. Have A Sense of Urgency. You’re fundraising for real people who are in an extremely dangerous situation. Don’t be afraid to say this is an emergency!  Just remember to stay away from shame language. People who feel guilted into giving will give less or not at all. Don’t Say: If you don’t give, these people will continue to suffer! Do Say: With your help, we can empower the peope of Sudan to create a better future.

3. Explain To Donors That They Are Joining Something Bigger than Themselves. Explain to your donors that they are joining efforts with a global movement that is striving to empower the people of Sudan. Thousands of others have donated before them to Operation Broken Silence’s programs and will continue to do so. Amazing progress has been made, and they have a chance to be a part of that.

4. Emphasize Their Involvement. Express the role your donors play in helping you reach your goal. For example, writing, "You can help rewrite the future for these children with a $25 gift" is much more powerful than writing "Please donate today." Draw a connection between their gift and how it is part of the greater solution.

Our fundraising platform already has two email templates for you to choose from, but personalized is best!

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