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Posted by OBS Team on July 13th, 2015
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Tens of thousands of South Sudanese civilians have been killed and an estimated two and a half million have fled their homes since senseless fighting broke out in December 2013. The United States, which played a major role in ensuring South Sudan's independence in 2011, has lacked a coherent policy to help end the crisis. H.R. 2989, the South Sudan Peace Promotion and Accountability Act, seeks to change that. 

On Monday, July 20 we are launching our biggest advocacy campaign of the year to make sure H.R. 2989 becomes law. To succeed though, we need you to get your Representative to become a cosponsor. We are hitting the ground running on Monday and want you running with us. If you're ready to advocate with us, please sign up to receive the launch day email.


After you sign up, we ask that you link up with us on social media if you have not yet. You can find us here on Facebook. We're @OBSilence on Twitter and Instagram. Starting on July 15, we will begin a launch countdown online and want you to help us spread the word by sharing the photos and messages we are posting. 

What's My Time Commitment?

Our advocacy campaigns are designed to have a big impact with minimal effort. You will be responsible for two actions between July 20-24: writing one letter to your Representative and calling their office once. We will provide you with both a letter and call-in template. You will then call in once a week to follow up. 

All of these actions only take a few minutes and are critically important to getting your Representative to cosponsor H.R. 2989.

Learn About H.R. 2989

The South Sudan Peace Promotion and Accountability Act, H.R. 2989, is bipartisan legislation that directs the President to submit to Congress a strategy to support the U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, advance reconciliation, investigate human rights abuses, and ease the refugee crisis. It codifies into law U.S. sanctions against individuals who have undermined the peace process, and includes a statement of Congress urging all parties involved in the conflict to immediately cease all violence and work toward a negotiated resolution.

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