HR1692 Fact Sheet

Posted by OBS Team on December 26th, 2013

HR1692 Fact Sheet

Our team has received a lot of great questions regarding H.R. 1692, the Sudan Peace, Security, and Accountability Act. We’ve put together a summary of what this legislation is all about:

Requires a U.S. Comprehensive Strategy for Sudan: Previous U.S. legislation and policies concerning Sudan have focused on specific crises, such as Darfur. This has allowed the Sudanese government to commit crimes with impunity elsewhere in the country. HR 1692 requires the development of a comprehensive strategy to end serious human rights violations in ALL of Sudan, promote democratic transformation, and ultimately create peace throughout the country. The legislation calls for a single, comprehensive peace and constitutional process. 

Expands Current Sanctions to all of Sudan: Previous U.S. sanctions applied to Sudan have focused largely on the crisis in Darfur. Since 2011,. H.R. 1692 amends previous legislation by expanding the Darfur sanctions to ALL of Sudan, which will cover the crises in South Kordofan (Nuba Mountains) and Blue Nile as well. This closes gaping loopholes the Sudanese government has been able to exploit to continue committing crimes across the periphery regions of the country.

Creates Effective Accountability for Those Who Support the Government of Sudan: H.R. 1692 expands current sanctions to countries and individuals who fail to execute International Criminal Court arrest warrants against Sudanese government officials who are wanted for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. This bill also expands sanctions to governments and individuals who provide military equipment to Sudan.

Seeks More Effective Sanctions: H.R. 1692 jumpstarts the process of creating an interagency plan that discovers how sanctions against the Government of Sudan and individuals can be effectively enforced. This includes providing appropriate personnel and resources to the Office of Foreign Assets control (OFAC) in the Department of Treasury. Additionally, this bill requires increased collection of intelligence information on Sudanese targets of sanctions.

Supports Civil Society and Opposition Who Seek Democratic Reform: Over the past several months, we have seen incredible collaboration among those in Sudan who oppose the current genocidal regime. Armed actors, student groups, traditional political parties, and civil society are finding common ground in how they think their country should be governed. HR 1692 heralds a new U.S. policy that promotes democratic reform. This includes exploring options around the provision of technical support, training, capacity building, and funding to promote and strengthen democratic institutions, nongovernmental organizations, civil society and representative political participation in Sudan.

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