Latest OCHA Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin

overview shows worsening humanitarian conditions in conflict areas

Posted by OBS Team on August 14th, 2016

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has released its latest Humanitarian Bulletin on Sudan. Here's some highlights from the report:

  • Heavy rains and flooding affect an estimated 122,000 people across much of Sudan.
  • Increase in malaria cases reported in Blue Nile State. 
  • Health concerns regarding Acute Jaundice Syndrome and Hepatitis E for IDPs in Sortony, North Darfur.
  • Two new camps are being constructed for up to 40,000 South Sudanese refugees in East Darfur. 

Earlier this year we posted an extensive piece concerning a massive government military assault against civilian populations in Jebel Marra, Darfur. This latest OCHA briefing speaks to the end results of that violent campaign:

"During the first seven months of 2016, 82,000 people were newly displaced across Darfur according to the UN and partners. Up to an additional 117,000 people were also reportedly displaced (in addition to another 51,000 who have reportedly returned), but the UN and partners are unable to verify these figures due to a lack of access to the relevant locations. The vast majority of the displacement in 2016 has been triggered by the conflict in the Jebel Marra area, which started in January 2016, and efforts are ongoing to access areas reportedly hosting IDPs from Jebel Marra in South and Central Darfur in order to identify the number and needs of displaced persons.

Although HAC in Central Darfur reported that IDPs in North Darfur originating from Jebel Marra have started returning, no clear movements from North Darfur have been observed. UN partners and the United Nations–African Union Mission in Darfur undertook a joint mission to Golo, Central Darfur on 4 and 5 August, which included meetings with local authorities and ministers, aimed at advocating for access to parts of Central Darfur where people may be in need of assistance. No official report has been released yet but is expected to be finalised soon." 


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