Life Goes On In Yida Refugee Camp

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Posted by OBS Team on June 23rd, 2016

Life Goes On In Yida Refugee Camp, South Sudan by Operation Broken Silence on

In 2011, the government of Sudan launched a brutal genocidal war against the people living in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Government warplanes have bombed schools, clinics, markets, and homes in an attempt to drive the Nuba people off of their land. 

Yida Refugee Camp, where this photo was recently taken, sits right on the international border that divides Sudan and South Sudan. The camp has exploded in size with refugees fleeing from the Nuba Mountains due to widespread government attacks against unarmed communities. At the end of 2011, Yida only numbered several thousand inhabitants. The camp is now home to well over 70,000 people and grows by the day as government attacks against civilians continue just across the border. 

Today, Yida is a relatively quiet place where refugees go about their daily lives: cooking, laundry, and more. It's almost hard to believe that just a few miles north, the Sudanese government's genocidal war grinds on. This is a community laundry area that several families have been sharing now for years. 

Our film team recently spent several days in Yida shooting our 4th social action documentary film about the crisis in Sudan and the amazing people living through it.

One of the great joys of filmmaking in Sudan is the sheer number of moments like these you get to capture. Despite the deplorable human rights situation in Sudan, life goes on for everyone living here. Children played in the clean water source near this laundry area and mothers laughed at our film team as we spent time with their families. For all the bad in Sudan, there's an equal amount of good found in places like this.

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