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Posted by Audrey Tetzeli on March 29th, 2019

Operation Broken Silence has a small staff, but with the help of our awesome movement, we’re able to make big waves to empower the people of Sudan. Some of the most involved, enthusiastic members of our movement are our event committee members based in Memphis, TN!

We recently had one of our Gala Committee members, Megan Barlowe, go above and beyond on her personal fundraising goal for our education program by organizing and hosting a benefit concert at Growlers.

“What first inspired me to host an event like this was my passion for the organization. I was moved to tears when I saw a photo exhibition showing the turmoil the Sudanese people in Yida Refugee Camp are facing. That's what made me want to figure out a way to help! Once I became a member of the gala committee, I had a fundraising page, and I began reaching out to people I knew to donate to the page. Throwing a benefit concert was an idea that came to fruition because I wanted to do something unique to me. As a music business student at the University of Memphis, I'm surrounded by talented musicians with experience performing. The original idea was to have a house show, but then I thought we could make it bigger than that, especially with the supportive local venues Memphis has to offer.”

Megan reached out to the network closest to her- her friends- and they generously gave their time and talents to the cause! Andrew Myle, Ally and the Walrus, Phillip Bond, Jordan Occasionally, Compton McMurry, Dylan Amoré, Estes, and Good Company all came to perform, showcasing a diverse variety of music genres and styles. Each one of them brought something different to the stage, and the audience received and reflected that-- you could see everyone dancing, listening, mingling, and having a blast all night long!

Together, they all used Facebook and social media to promote the event. Megan also reached out to Stacy McIntyre for professional help and Will Calvert from Tennessee Industrial Printing created a poster for them with the photos of all the artists!

When asked what she learned from this experience, Megan said:

“I learned that it can be affordable to book venues! Also, people are more generous than I ever imagined, and if they get to do what they love to benefit a cause like OBS, they'll do it without hesitation. Something I already knew that was intensified by hosting this event is that it's incredibly fulfilling to help those in need. All of the money we raised is going to support the education of children in the Yida Refugee Camp, which is gratifying.”

The benefit concert had an incredible turn out and raised over $1,400 for the Endure Primary and Renewal High Schools in Yida! Thank you to Megan and all the artists involved for using your talents and community to empower Sudanese students and teachers!

If you have an awesome group of friends or colleagues who would also like to host an event, like a benefit concert, documentary screening, dinner party, or game night, you can email me at atetzeli [at] operationbrokensilence [dot] org and I can help you with the best fundraising and planning practices!

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Audrey Tetzeli

About Audrey

The granddaughter of a Holocaust escapee and Spanish Civil War survivor and the daughter of a Cuban refugee, Audrey grew up in Memphis, TN. Originally a yoga instructor by trade and Facing History and Ourselves alum, her vibrant personality and passion for the Sudanese people inspire those around her. 

As Development Director at Operation Broken Silence, Audrey empowers and guides our fundraisers, donors, and event hosts in raising more funds for the life-changing programs we support in Sudan and Sudanese refugee camps. 

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