New Report Cites Chemical Weapons Attacks In Darfur

allegations are not new, but more evidence emerging

Posted by OBS Team on September 29th, 2016

Amnesty International has gathered harrowing evidence strongly suggesting the repeated use of chemical weapons against civilians, including very young children, in Jebel Marra - one the most remote parts of Darfur.

The 103-page report "Scorched Earth, Poisoned Air" features satellite images, survivor testimonies and photographs to corroborate what are war crimes in Darfur's remote Jebel Marra region. The evidence indicates at least 30 likely chemical attacks have hit the area in 2016, with the most recent being September 9.

Sudan's sitting dictatorship has been on a failed public relations mission this year to try to get the international community to believe that the war in Darfur is over despite growing evidence that the situation is only worsening. Shockingly, the most recent documented chemical weapons attack happened a mere two days after Sudanese President and indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir declared that peace had come to Darfur


Regime May Be Committing Chemical Weapons Attacks Elsewhere in Sudan

Amnesty's eye-opening report is the latest in years worth of rumors and eyewitness testimonies concerning chemical weapons usage by government forces in Sudan. In 2014, our organization captured an interview featured in our 3rd documentary film in which an eyewitness explains what seems to be a chemical weapons attack in the Nuba Mountains region, another area of Sudan that is under attack by the regime. The section of the interview from the eyewitness begins at the 10:40 mark:

Documenting chemical weapons attacks in Sudan has been a notoriously difficult task as the Sudanese government does not allow official humanitarian, investigative, and peacekeeping missions into several parts of the country. Where the dwindling international presence in Sudan does exist, it is often times hampered by Sudanese government forces and officials. Jebel Marra, where Amnesty cites these attacks as taking place, has been virtually unreached by the outside world for years. As the international presence in Sudan continues to become more constrictive, it is more and more likely that the regime will be comfortable committing attacks like these on a more frequent and larger scale. 

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