New Video Released of Recent Fighting In The Besieged Nuba Mountains

Posted by OBS Team on January 22nd, 2015

A new video was released today detailing the recent fighting over the past few days in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. 2015 is already witnessing the most the violent and dangerous fighting since the government of Sudan launched a campaign of targeted killing in the Nuba Mountains in 2011.

The past several days have been particularly worrisome as government forces moved within 20 kilometers of the city of Kauda. This strategic city acts as the Nuba stronghold of those fighting to survive the government's campaign of extermination that is now reaching into a devastating fourth year. The government's goal of seizing Kauda is two-fold and disturbingly clear: deliver a massive psychological blow to the Nuba people and exterminate or run off the remaining population in this area of the Nuba Mountains.

Nuba Reports, the only other media group focused on the Nuba Mountains besides Operation Broken Silence, frequently releases videos from the front lines that documents the progression of the war and how it impacts ordinary people. Learn more about their important work at their website »

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