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the next chapter In jargi joseph's story

Posted by Mark Hackett on December 26th, 2016

Over 2 years ago I arrived in South Sudan with a small film team and one goal in mind: cross the northern border into the war-torn Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Our plans and backup plans quickly went south though as the Sudanese government unleashed one of it's largest aerial bombing campaigns to date in the Nuba Mountains. 

We ended up making a last-minute detour to a small refugee camp for people from the Nuba Mountains. Most of the adults in the camp were women who were looking after 10-30 kids. Many of the children watched their parents die or didn't know where they were. One of the camp leaders told me that the U.N. didn't even know they were there. 

It was here that we met Jargi Joseph: the young, bright, and energetic student who would serve as one of our translators in the camp and as the primary character in Lost Generation of Sudan. His story remains a stark representation of what children and teenagers from the Nuba Mountains deal with. Jargi wanted to complete high school and go to college, but had no funds available to do so. He was just one of tens of thousands of Nuba children facing the same situation. 

Jargi's story served as the launching point for our nonprofit's education program. We focus on putting Nuba teachers back to work and providing school supplies to community-started classrooms in Yida Refugee Camp. It hasn't been easy, but after more than two years we're finally starting to see good results

Today, I get the privilege of announcing something we've wanted to achieve since our film team met Jargi in 2014: we are helping him achieve his dream of going to college and getting a degree. This is only possible because of YOUR generosity. You have given and fundraised because you understand that Jargi has an important role to play in his country's future. You also understand that for him to play that role, he needs to complete his education. Now he is able to do that. 

So What Happens Next?

Sending Jargi Joseph to college is just one small part of your efforts to help our friends in Sudan build the country that they want in our lifetime. Putting over 750 primary school age children back into classrooms is another. But there are literally tens of thousands of other students from the Nuba Mountains who need our support as well.

As we close out 2016, we want to give you one last opportunity to help us reach even more students just like Jargi. Every child from the Nuba Mountains deserves access to a classroom. Only you can help us achieve that. 

If you prefer giving by check, you can make your check payable to Operation Broken Silence and mail to our official P.O. Box: Operation Broken Silence, P.O. Box 770900, Memphis, TN, 38177-0900.

Or, if you want to be extra awesome, you can sign up to give a couple of bucks each month to our education program. BECOME A RECURRING DONOR »

I've seen first-hand what is possible when ordinary people step up to help the people of Sudan. The results are truly amazing:

Common Area Singing Jumping For Joy Learning Shadows Watching Eager To Learn Waiting To Play Classroom First Classroom Not In A Classroom Soon To Be In A Classroom Waiting Working Instead Of Learning

Thank you for standing with these children the past few years. You are helping to give them the future they deserve: one that is free from fear and war. I hope you will consider giving one last time in 2016 so that we can continue to reach more and more of these kids in 2017. 


Mark C. Hackett

Executive Director, Operation Broken Silence


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