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your monthly giving program is getting a big upgrade

Posted by on February 5th, 2017

Hi recurring donor family!

Katie here. You've probably noticed quite a few changes here at Operation Broken Silence in the last few months! Most of them revolve around setting up our movement, of which you are at the center, for success. When our fundraisers, donors, and activists succeed, they empower the Sudanese people alongside of us. That's why we've added new staff, adjusted most of our fundraising campaigns, updated the majority of our Downloadable Assets, and have many other things in the works!

But there's one change in particular that's coming down the pipe this Spring that we think you're going to be really excited about! Your recurring donor program, Civilian Protector, is being replaced with a much better version called The Renewal!

We'll have all the details about these changes in the coming weeks, but we do want to let you know right now that you will not have to do anything to adjust to the changes. We'll take care of everything on our end! Here's three things you can start looking forwards to:

1. A New Video! The above photo is from a multi-day video shoot here in Memphis, TN for The Renewal. It features our Recruitment Director Scovia Wilson and her story of fleeing Sudan as a refugee. 

2. A Bigger Family! Up until now, our recurring donor family has stayed pretty small. We'll be growing our family the remainder of the year thanks to some of you dedicating to help make The Renewal a success by inviting your friends to join you in giving monthly. Thank you!

3. More Event Tickets! We currently offer you one free ticket to all of our events. Once The Renewal launches, you will start receiving 4 free tickets to every event so you can bring friends and introduce them to our cause. 

I'll be reaching out again when we have all the changes ready to go. If you have any questions between now and then, feel free to respond to the email I sent you. Thanks for being awesome! Talk to you soon. 

-Katie Barber, Fundraising Enthusiast

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