Reporting From The Heart Of Sudan's Revolution

three journalists look back on their time in Khartoum

Posted by OBS Team on June 24th, 2019

Before the June 3 massacre in Khartoum, a number of international reporters were able to share stories from Sudan in a way that had been impossible only a few months earlier. Many of them provided a rare glimpse of what Sudan's future could be as a new generation rises up: more secular, westward-looking, and peaceful. 

In a beautiful segment for Sky News, three reporters look back on their time in Khartoum before the massacre. They talk about their experiences with the Sudanese people through the ups and downs and how much of the international analysis around Sudan's current moment is incorrect. Sudan's current revolution is not an extension of the Arab Spring; on the contrary, it is a political and social experience that could only happen in Sudan.

The above segment is also a great review of what has happened in Sudan since protests began in December 2018.

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