#Storytellers Campaign Reaches 50% Of Goal

360 supporters on the campaign with 6 weeks to go

Posted by OBS Team on March 3rd, 2016

We have exciting news! Thanks to the hard work of 360 fundraisers and donors, the #Storytellers Campaign is now at 50% of its goal. Congratulations!

This is an important milestone as we continue to make progress on creating our fourth documentary film. We decided to crowd-fund the whole project because we want people just like you to be a part of the story so that when we launch the film, you can bring it to your hometown. This has meant a lot more work for us on the front end, but we believe it's critical to the success of this project. 

If you haven't joined the campaign, you can help us keep our momentum going by starting a fundraising page or making a small contribution the campaign. We only have 6 weeks left to reach our goal, so every amazing person and gift counts right now!


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