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Posted by OBS Team on May 12th, 2017

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This campaign is now closed. To fundraise for one of our other programs, please click here

After Sudan's dictatorship launched a genocidal war in the country's Nuba Mountains in 2011, government officials promptly banned humanitarian agencies from reaching hundreds of thousands of people in need. At the same time, government forces began targeting farmland, clean water wells, and food storehouses in an attempt to kill civilians by denying them the basic necessities to live. This humanitarian blockade continues today.

That's the bad news. The good news is that you can do something about it. Since 2012, our organization has been ignoring the humanitarian blockade and bringing emergency relief to those most in need. These aid deliveries include desperately needed food, seed stock, and basic medicines. 

Each relief mission is made possible by the fundraisers and donors to this campaign. You can support these lifesaving efforts by starting a fundraising page and asking your friends and family to join you by giving towards your goal. The money you raise will help ensure that these people survive, and one day when there is peace start rebuilding.

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Make A Donation

If you can't commit to fundraising right now, we encourage you to make an impact by donating to our efforts. Your gift will have an impact through this campaign in the following ways:

Your generosity can have a major impact in this life-saving effort. The best part? A few bucks goes a lot further than you think! Whether you give $10 or $100, you can help us safe lives and help stabilize the humanitarian situation.


You can also make an impact every single month by becoming a recurring donor. Signing up takes less than a minute and comes with some cool perks, including quarterly updates about our work. 


See Your Results

Almost all of these relief mission are photo-documented and information about each posted on our website. You can always find information about the most recent relief mission by clicking here

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