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Posted by Audrey Tetzeli on October 3rd, 2018

Other than seeing our programs grow and knowing that the work we’re doing is empowering our friends in Sudan, my top two favorite things about Operation Broken Silence are: 

1. Our Mission. Our education program, including the Endure Primary School and soon-to-be Renewal High School in Yida Refugee Camp, Mother or Mercy Hospital, are entirely funded by individual supporters. We receive no major grants for these programs; instead, our AMAZING movement members make these programs possible by fundraising, donating, and giving monthly to the Sudanese-led program they are most passionate about. To me, this really shows what each person is capable of and how we all play a role in furthering our mission!

2. Our Movement. While most of the world is becoming more and more technology based, we’ve decided to spend more time face-to-face with the people who make our work of empowering the Sudanese possible. Every time we have an event, I see people moved by both the atrocities that the Sudanese face, as well as the resilience and hope they have. Every time I am reminded of the fact that being able to feel compassion for people we have never met and crises that we have never lived through is what makes us human. Technology is useful for sharing messages, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, but these events and our movement members really move our work forward in a special way.

As the Fundraising Enthusiast here, I love the moments when I really see these two qualities of OBS coming together. This is exactly what happened on September 27, when two of our awesome Eden's Run 5K committee members, Lauren Berry and Sarah Greenspon, decided to host a fundraising party for the Endure Primary School. In just a few hours, they raised $155 and had a great time introducing new supporters to our programs over wine, pizza, and games. Here's what Lauren had to say:

“Sarah and I wanted to raise money for OBS by bringing all of our friends together for a dinner party. We figured that there was no better way to share this mission than by hosting a night for people to ask us questions about the work being done in Sudan, while also raising money for it. There was enough wine and pizza rolls to go around, and we had about 15 of our friends in attendance. All we did was ask that they donate $10, and we provided the food and wine. I think this was a good way for our friends to give back, instead off just donating through a link, (although I’m raising money that way too!) we just wanted to give people another option that they could get something out of as well. We will definitely be hosting something like this again in the future!”

- Lauren Berry, Eden’s Run 5K Committee Member & Fundraising Party Co-host

We love our fundraisers and event hosts so much! We are also excited for this year's #StandForEducation holiday campaign, as well as our annual events including Eden’s Run 5K and the Good People Good Beer Gala, where many of you will be joining us as first time or veteran fundraisers! Whether you fundraise online, in person through events like this, or both, you can dedicate a festive occasion to empowering the people of Sudan and get your friends and family involved!

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The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is working to accelerate their ability to generate lasting change through storytelling and movement-building, education and emergency response, and grassroots advocacy programs.

Here are three simple and effective ways you can directly empower the Sudanese people! We encourage you to pick one:

1. Register For Eden's Run 5K. Our annual family-friendly 5K run that supports the Endure Primary School returns for its 9th year on October 20, 2018! You can register for free and raise $100 or pay to enter and skip fundraising. REGISTER NOW »

2. Join The Renewal. This is our family of monthly givers who never stop pushing the needle forwards. They give automatically each and every month, providing consistent support to our Sudanese partners. Renewal members who give $25+ a month also get free tickets to our two annual events. LEARN MORE »

3. Become A Fundraiser. You can start an online fundraising page and host your own event at home for education or healthcare in Sudan. Bonus points: you can even join our holiday campaign early! START YOUR CAMPAIGN »

If you’re interested in becoming a fundraiser like Lauren and Sarah for Operation Broken Silence or would like to dedicate an upcoming dinner, holiday party, or film screening to our programs and would like more ideas or information, you can email me at atetzeli [at] operationbrokensilence [dot] org and I’ll help you plan the perfect fundraiser!

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About Audrey

The granddaughter of a Holocaust escapee and Spanish Civil War survivor and the daughter of a Cuban refugee, Audrey grew up in Memphis, TN. Originally a yoga instructor by trade and Facing History and Ourselves alum, her vibrant personality and passion for the Sudanese people inspire those around her. 

Audrey empowers and guides our fundraisers, donors, and event hosts in raising more funds for the life-changing programs we support in Sudan and Sudanese refugee camps. 

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