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What To Do When People Commit To Giving But Don't

Posted by on April 24th, 2017

Sometimes fundraising doesn't go exactly as planned. Believe it or not, that's normal. Here's a few answers.

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Challenge: $30,000 Raised by March 1

Posted by OBS Team on February 14th, 2016

We need your help to make sure that we reach $30,000 raised on the #Storytellers Campaign by March 1! Here's how you can join. 

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2015 In-Kind Gifting

Posted by OBS Team on December 26th, 2014

Since 2012, we have found that the growth of our media program is diretly linked to growth in donations and volunteer activist efforts. We believe and know that our success in visual storytelling is what inspires ordinary people to action within our movement for peace and justice in Sudan. 

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