Thank You! We Hit Our Last Fundraising Goal of the Year!

now it's time for a break

Posted by OBS Team on January 1st, 2015

A Message For Our Movement

At 8:30PM last night, we hit our $20,000 end of year fundraising goal because of your generosity. We wanted to take a moment and celebrate you!

2014 was a big year. Our movement of fundraisers, donors, and activists doubled in size. We brought on full-time staff for the first time. Our fundraisers hit new records. Our activists secured 13 additional cosponsors for Sudan legislation. And our movement released a powerful new film about the Lost Generation of Sudan. 

I say "our" because we all contributed to these successes. It wasn't just me. It wasn't just our core group of volunteers. The smallest donations and the quietest activists played a critical role. All of us made these things possible. 

Over the past several months, we have asked a lot of you. You've responded with incredible generosity of time and money. Words can't express how thankful our leadership team and Sudanese partners are. You are the magic of this movement.

Most importantly though, we've heard that many of you need a short break.You did a lot last year and we completely understand. We have a new campaign that launches on January 15, and we won't be reaching out to you again through email until then.

Our only ask of you right now is that you take the next two weeks off. Seriously. No action items or emails will be coming from us until January 15. Get some rest. We'll see you in two weeks. And thank you for making 2014 a year to remember!

With admiration,
Mark C. Hackett
Executive Director, Operation Broken Silence

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