The Best Way To Celebrate Christmas

is to stand with those who find it difficult to do so

Posted by OBS Team on December 25th, 2016

Christmas in Sudan by Operation Broken Silence on

"As millions of people celebrate Christmas with friends and family, I'm reminded that in Sudan this special holiday is very difficult to celebrate safely. Many years ago, Christmas for my family was celebrated as refugees in Uganda because it was not safe to celebrate in Sudan due to the Islamist government. In the years since then, the Sudanese government has cracked down on Christians by demolishing churches in government-controlled areas, arresting pastors, and bombing churches in parts of the country that have fallen out of government control. Religious persecution happens daily in Sudan. The good news is that as we celebrate Christmas, we can also help the many persecuted Sudanese have hope for a better future." -Scovia Wilson, Recruitment Director at Operation Broken Silence. Photo by Katie Barber. 

Scovia is originally from southern Sudan and had to flee the country as a child due to government persecution. She grew up celebrating Christmas in Uganda as a refugee since celebrating in Sudan was a death warrant. Many years later, it is still not safe to celebrate Christmas in Sudan. 

But that doesn't stop Christians in Sudan from celebrating the promise of a better world. On Christmas Day, many Sudanese in the war-torn Nuba Mountains will celebrate Christmas in their communities underneath the shadows of government warplanes. In the few refugee camps that exist for Nuba people, mothers and children will celebrate as husbands and fathers face off against government troops and militias on the frontlines. In government-controlled parts of the countries, those who celebrate Christmas will do so mostly in the privacy of their own homes to avoid further persecution. 

Earlier this year our staff captured over 4,000 photos in Yida Refugee Camp, including the one above, where tens of thousands of the Nuba people have fled to. This is one of the few places that the Nuba people can celebrate Christmas freely and openly. Christmas truly is a holiday about the hope for a better world. The above photo is just a taste of what a better Sudan can look like for the Sudanese people: joy in safety, love in community, and peace for all. 

That future will one day be a reality. Change in Sudan is inevitable, but our Sudanese friends need our help to secure such a future. You can do your part by giving to the people of Sudan in honor of a loved one this Christmas. When you give, we'll send your Christmas message to them so that they know you gave in honor of them. Your gift will be used to support education, relief, and medical programs that directly impact the Nuba people.  Celebrate this Christmas with us by standing with the people of Sudan.


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