U.S.-Sudan Policy Update

Bipartisan Congressional Letter Urges Human Rights and Corruption Benchmarks

Posted by Mark Hackett on March 31st, 2018

On March 28, 2018, 57 members of Congress pushed back against normalizing relations with a Sudan's dictatorship due to a lack of real progress on the ground. In their bipartisan letter to U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan, they write:

As you know, the Government of Sudan has a long and well-documented history of violence and repression against its population in order to maintain wealth and power for a small number of elites. We are gravely concerned about any U.S. policy that might result in further normalizing relations with a regime that routinely violates its citizens' basic human rights, continues to support extremists and extremist groups, represses religious minorities, and steals the nation's wealth while most of its people live in poverty. 


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