Victory! U.S. House Passes Resolution 432

condemning attacks on peaceful protesters and supporting a peaceful transition to a civilian-led democratic government

Posted by Mark Hackett on July 16th, 2019

Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives passed House Resolution 432: Condemning the attacks on peaceful protesters and supporting an immediate peaceful transition to a civilian-led democratic government in Sudan. We would like to thank our Tennessee movement members who took the time to call and write their Representatives about H.Res 432.

Representatives Chuck Fleischmann (TN 3rd District) and Steve Cohen (TN 9th District) became cosponsors of H.Res 432. Our activists across Tennessee received responses from the seven other Representatives from our state that their request had been received and would be considered if the resolution was voted on. 

The House of Representatives voted in favor of H.Res 432 in a landslide vote: 414 House members voted yea, only 1 member nay, and 17 members did not vote. All nine Tennessee members of the House of Representatives voted in favor of the resolution. 

Earlier in the day, the House voted to suspend the rules and allow for H.Res 432 to move forward for a vote. A number of Representatives gave moving floor speeches denouncing the most recent violence in Sudan and throwing Congressional support to the Sudanese people:


What The Resolution Does

Since 1989, Sudan's military regime has killed and displaced millions of people through multiple genocidal wars and a vast web oppression. The situation has been so horrific that the country's now former dictator Omar al-Bashir faces an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court. 

But despite the ousting of Bashir in April 2019 following continuous mass protests, these violent policies have continued. The Sudanese people's wish for democratic, civilian rule is being thwarted by the Transitional Military Council, a group of army officers, militia leaders, and security officials who previously served Bashir. Peaceful protests continue; however, the regime has responded by shooting and raping defenseless civilians.

House Resolution 432 strongly condemns the violence and human rights abuses against the Sudanese people. This resolution supports the development of a civilian-led, democratic government. H.Res 432 also calls for allowing humanitarian aid to be allowed into the country and urges the U.S. government to support the international community in its fight for democracy and peace in Sudan. It emphasizes that meaningful political reform, transparency, and accountability in the Sudanese government are essential for the establishment of peace, security, economic stability, and democracy in the country.

If you want all the nitty gritty details, you can see the full resolution here.

All that is left to do with regards to H.Res 432 is to spread the word! You can share our social media posts to let your friends and family know:

The crisis in Sudan is far from over. If you would like to stay involved, we have three ways you can directly support the Sudanese people below. 

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The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is accelerating their ability to generate lasting change by funding storytelling and movement-building, education and emergency response, and grassroots advocacy programs. Here are a few ways you can join us:

1. Give Monthly To Education In Yida. The Renewal is our unstoppable family of monthly givers who never stop fighting for change. They give automatically each and every month to the two schools we sponsor in Yida Refugee Camp, providing consistent support to 24 teachers and nearly 1,100 students from the Nuba Mountains. Right now, the schools are short about $2,500 in monthly funding. LEARN MORE »

2. Become A Fundraiser. If you can’t give monthly right now, you can start an online fundraising page for the schools in Yida or Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Nuba Mountains warzone. BECOME A FUNDRAISER »

3. Live In Memphis? We need your help! Our 10th annual 5K benefiting our schools in Yida is coming up on September 21. If you would like to participate by running or volunteering, TAKE ACTION HERE »

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