What To Do When Team Members Aren't Fundraising

Posted by on April 22nd, 2017

One of the most common issues our fundraising team leaders run into is recruiting fundraisers who start fundraising pages and then don't actually start fundraising. Here are some ways to get them started! 

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1. Communicate. Often reaching out to teammates who haven’t started fundraising will motivate them to start. Thank them for the commitment they made and offer to give them tips to get started. Remind them that they aren’t alone in this and that they have lots of fabulous resources at their fingertips!

2. Troubleshoot. It might be that your teammate has been trying to fundraise but hasn’t received any donations yet. This is probably very frustrating for them, so now is the perfect time to give them a little boost. Listen to what their fundraising strategy has been and offer feedback based on our resources. A common mistake is that teammates are just sharing their page on social media with no personal outreach, or they havn’t downloaded and filled out the Donor Tracking Sheet. Make suggestions for them to try and BE SURE TO FOLLOW UP WITH THEM!

3. Setup A Weekly Fundraising Time. As with anything you want to be successful at, effective fundraising will require you to set aside time to focus solely on that. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be very much time!

Designating an hour (or two if you’re feeling ambitious) a week for your team to meet together to work on their individual fundraising is a sure-fire way to make the donations flow in. If they can’t meet together, encourage everyone to hop onto a group chat or message so that you can encourage and troubleshoot with one another.

Consistency and organization in fundraising plays a critical role in keeping the momentum going. Devoting an hour every week to fundraising will help make sure this happens!

4. Be A Leader! The more dedicated and enthusiastic you are, the more your team will be. As the team leader, you’ll probably raise the most on your team, and that’s a good thing!

Part of being a leader also means recognizing when your teammates need to take a break.

We don’t see this happen often, but sometimes people honestly commit to fundraising in a moment of inspiration but but then realize they already have a lot of other commitments right now.

If you reach out to a fundraiser about their lack of activity and they tell you that they honestly can’t fundraise right now, that’s ok. Give them the space and permission to take a step back, and kindly ask them when a good time for you to follow up with them will be. 

If they need to stop fundraising all together, ask them to make a donation to your fundraising page instead.

Need Additional Help?

We've only seen it happen a few times, but sometimes a fundraiser does everything right and still makes no progress. If almost no one is giving to your campaign and you have tried everything on our Fundraising Support listcontact us for additional help. 

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