What To Expect At Our 7th Annual Gala

the 2019 Gala is being shaped by you, and lots of things are changing!

Posted by OBS Team on January 1st, 2019

Every year, Operation Broken Silence hosts the Good People Good Beer Gala in our home city of Memphis, TN. A modern take on the traditional nonprofit event, the evening benfits the high-performing Endure Primary and new Renewal High schools in Yida Refugee Camp, where we employ 18 Sudanese teachers who oversee nearly 1,100 students every single week. Take a look back at the 2018 Gala in this short video:

We're taking your feedback from the 2018 Gala seriously, and our event committee is hard at work bringing your suggested changes to life. Here is what you can expect at the 2019 Gala:

The Gala Is Moving!

The Good People Good Beer Gala has moved from July to March! Saturday, March 23, 2019 to be exact. Why? Every year, we always have dozens of supporters and their friends who cannot attend because they are out of town or the kids are out of school. So, we moved to March to better accomodate your schedules. 

The Gala is also moving to a new location! We'll be at the stunning Memphis Grand Carousel Pavilion celebrating the teachers and students we support in Sudan. This allows us to make the event even larger, as well as showcase more stories from Sudan throughout the evening. And yes, it comes with the giant, one-of-a-kind carousel to ride!


The Theme: Masquerade

The theme for the Gala changes annually. Last year's theme was 1920's Speakeasy. For the 2019 Gala, we're going with a request made by multplie attendees: Masquerade!

That's right, we're going back to high-society party culture in 1500's Italy with the theme. Get ready to dress up and have a good time. And don't forget your mask! We'll have some more details about the dress code and decor closer to the Gala. 


Expanded Drinks Menu

This Gala is called Good People Good Beer because we offer hard-to-find and fun beers to taste throughout the evening that match the theme. Don't worry, the themed tasting brews and additional kegged beer won't be leaving the Gala!

But we are adding more beverages! The 2019 Gala will include two craft cocktails designed just for this evening, a wine selection, hard cider, and a gluten-reduced beer. Yas! And we'll still be serving an incredible dinner as well.  


New Awards, More Games, And Photos

You dress up and raise money for our education program every Gala. Now, you can battle for awards! Compete for Best-Dressed ManBest-Dressed Woman, and Best-Dressed Couple. Also Top Individual Fundraiser and Top Fundraising Team. You competitive types better go ahead and register to get a head start!

Classic games like adult beer pong, cornhole, and jenga are being expanded! And we're upping our dance moves this year to a Silent Disco!

We'll also have a few donate-to-play areas at the Gala including our Hope Notes Donation Wall, Renewal Giving Booth, and a Silent Auction. 

And finally, photos! Good People Good Beer is Instagram-candy every year, and this may just end up being our most beautiful evening yet. Look incredible on the red carpet entrance, stand in front of our Vintage Light Wall, and we'll grab even more candid shots throughout the evening.


And Finally, The Tickets

The 2019 Gala is featuring better registration options and balanced ticket pricing. Here are this year's ticketing options:

  • FREE Fundraise-To-Enter: Register for free and raise $125 through your fundraising page before event night. 
  • Earlybird Registration: $75 through March 9
  • Earlybird Couples Registration (New!): $140 through March 9
  • General Registration: $125 through March 22
  • General Couples Registration (New!): $240 through March 22

The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is working to accelerate their ability to generate lasting change through storytelling and movement-building, education and emergency response, and grassroots advocacy programs

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