Why Sudan Fundraising?

the impact goes well beyond raising lifesaving funds

Posted by Mark Hackett on October 29th, 2015

We talk about peer-to-peer fundraising A LOT here at Operation Broken Silence! It's true that we have programs in Sudan to fund, but there's actually a lot of other reasons why we focus so much on peer-to-peer fundraising.

If you don't know what peer-to-peer fundraising is, it is basically when an organization empowers its supporters to raise money on behalf of the mission. Operation Broken Silence does that via customizable online fundraising pages. This screenshot is one of many examples. 

We started offering peer-to-peer fundraising in 2012 for three big reasons:

  1. Activists across many organizations felt powerless due to awareness-raising and advocacy approaches that had minimal impact.
  2. A new generation of millennial activists were taking interest in tackling global issues in new ways and were not being integrated into Sudan activist circles. 
  3. There were few public funds available to support unique on the ground programs in Sudan that could have both short and long-term impacts. 

Fundraising Isn't About Raising Money; It's About Building A Movement

There's a common misconception that fundraising is just about raising money. It's not! Built into peer-to-peer fundraising is the ability for our supporters to educate their friends and family about Sudan, raise awareness on social media, and recruit other people to join our movement. 

The average person knows very little about Sudan and that's not their fault. News agencies rarely use their powerful platforms to show the world what is happening in Sudan. In fact, the amount of news coverage on Sudan in the past four years has dropped a shocking 82% despite the growing scale of the crisis.

When there is a public knowledge gap on an issue this huge, peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way to tackle it in a personal, sustainable way. Not only do fundraisers have to take a few extra minutes to explain what's happening in Sudan to a potential donor, but by then asking for a small gift they also immediately provide the individual a way to have a real impact. That one-time donor can then turn into a fundraiser, recurring donor, or political activist with the help of the fundraiser and our team here at Operation Broken Silence. And just like that one activist has become two!

A personal fundraising page also comes with huge benefits for frustrated Sudan activists. After years of unsustainable advocacy and awareness-raising, the section of the American public that cares about Sudan has shrunk in both size and effectiveness. New international issues and U.S. government gridlock have certainly played a role in this. More importantly though, an unwillingness by activist leadership circles to try new approaches and integrate passionate and energetic millennials into them have both played the biggest role in only compounding frustration at the grassroots level. 

Our peer-to-peer Sudan fundraising solves all of these issues. It overcomes frustration and apathy by giving all Sudan activists, whether they be seasoned or brand new, an opportunity to lead and have a real impact on the ground right now. It means that in our movement for peace and justice in Sudan, you get to use your creativity to help grow the movement along the way! 

To help our fundraisers quickly educate their friends and family about Sudan, we offer them free access to our top-notch fundraising resources and unique downloads that include one-pagers about Sudan and social media photos to spread the word quickly online. Our online fundraising platform is also very user-friendly. We've had people of all ages start fundraising pages and raise anywhere from $40-$50,000! And those funds go into programs on the ground in Sudan that are saving and changing lives. 

So, Why Sudan Fundraising?

Because peer-to-peer fundraising is the new and improved way of raising awareness and advocating for real solutions.  It means you can accomplish A LOT more than you could by just sharing on Facebook and Twitter the rare article that pops up about Sudan. It means you don't have to wait on your Representative or Senator to get involved for there to be a positive impact made. It means when your friends and family ask how they can get involved, you can easily hand them their first step. You get to be the impact. 

For several years now, many Sudan activists have been looking for a new approach that produces results. It's finally here. We know peer-to-peer fundraising is it because our movement grew 100% in size last year alone. It's how we're going to keep rebuilding the movement for peace and justice in Sudan from the ground up. And we want you to join us.

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