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a brief update on our upcoming film

Posted by Mark Hackett on December 20th, 2017

Hi Yida film supporters!

This has been a busy year for our organization. From launching our first traveling photography exhibit to revamping a major annual event to solidfying gains made in our education program in Yida Refugee Camp, we've had plenty to keep us occupied. 

But don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the film you played an enormous role in getting off the ground. The past few weeks we've doubled down on making progress towards completing the script. If you're curious on what that looks like you can see how the film script has taken over our office space:

To give you an idea of how big this project is, all of the paper, writing, and sticky notes you see are actually just a few different outlines of the film and interview notes, not even the full outlines or interviews themselves. The full script is about 85% complete and a rough draft should be done by Friday, December 22. Merry Christmas to us!

What you can't see in the script writing process are the endless hours we have spent watching interviews, going through supporting footage, and writing notes (another 60+ pages). In fact, we've already put a whopping 1,574 hours into the Yida documentary film.

Why Is This Film Taking A Long Time To Finish?

Great question. There's a few different answers:

1. We're a small nonprofit with very limited resources. We only have a staff of 3 and we have a lot of things to manage daily: onboarding new recurring donors, helping fundraisers reach their goals, planning events, keeping up with local Sudanese partners...we do a lot with very little. If an emergency pops up in Sudan, which isn't out of the ordinary considering the situation, we can get backlogged pretty quickly. And most of the film team are actually volunteers!

2. We're actually not in a huge hurry to finish. Our previous films we have worked pretty quickly to wrap up, but we're not doing that this time around. On past films, moving quickly has proven to be extraordinarily stressful and produced sub-par results. We're taking our time on this one because we want the final story to be truthful and flawless. As we enter 2018 though, we have set aside more time to focus on completing the film. 

3. Every film fits into a bigger picture. The Yida film will actually be just one component of the direction our nonprofit is heading with storytelling, movement-building, and how we empower our Sudanese partners. That means there will be additional media and content attached to Yida, some of which we had to actually design before being able to finish the script. Knowing our "end points and goals" will now help guide us as we move forwards with the project. 

With that said, the Yida film has a target release date of December 2018! This means that this coming year you will start seeing updates come out a little more frequently than this year. 

As always, thank you so much for supporting this important project. If you would like to pitch in as we move forwards, our team has put together a few ways you can get involved that will have a tangible impact. 

Get Involved 2016 Banner

The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is working to accelerate their ability to generate lasting change through storyelling and movement building, education and emergency response, and grassroots advocacy programs. Here's three ways you can help us complete the Yida documentary film:

1. Take A Look Back. Did you know that all updates related to the film can be seen in one place? They can be! Take a look back at the journey so far as we move forwards together. SEE PAST UPDATES »

2. Join The Renewal: Storytelling. We still need to raise a few thousand dollars to cover post-production costs associated with the film. This includes licensing and creating new music, purchasing a few graphic effects, and more. You can help us reach the fundraising finish line by giving $35 a month to the film! LEARN MORE »

3. Make Your Last Donation Of The Year. As 2017 comes to an end, you can make your last gift of the year count towards telling the amazing story of Yida Refugee Camp. Giving online only takes a minute and is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. GIVE NOW » 

If you would prefer giving by check, make checks payable to Operation Broken Silence and mail to our official P.O. Box: Operation Broken Silence, P.O. Box 770900, Memphis, TN, 38177-0900. Please write Yida Film in the memo line. 

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