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support education, emergency relief, or media on a recurring basis

Posted by OBS Team on July 17th, 2016

Civilian Protector is our monthly recurring donor program that makes it easy for you to pitch in each month to our life-changing emergency relief, education, and media work on the ground in Sudan. Since 2012, the only option to easily give on a monthly basis has been to this important work in general. 

Beginning today, you can now give monthly to specific programs! To get started, just select your favorite program below and complete the donation form. That's it!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of becoming a recurring donor before signing up, please do so here

Give Monthly To Education

You can support childhood education in Sudan by giving to our classrooms on a monthly basis! Your once-a-month gift will help pay teacher salaries, provide school supplies, and improve classrooms. START YOUR MONTHLY GIVING »

Common Area Singing Jumping For Joy Learning Shadows Watching Eager To Learn Waiting To Play Classroom First Classroom Not In A Classroom Soon To Be In A Classroom Waiting Working Instead Of Learning

Give Monthly To Emergency Relief

You can support emergency relief efforts in Sudan by giving to this program on a monthly basis! Your once-a-month gift will help purchase emergency food and medical supplies and secure transport. START YOUR MONTHLY GIVING »

Starvation Poison & Roots Childhood Malnutrition Mother And Child Overjoyed That Relief Has Arrived Running From Bombers DSC 0287 Food Delivery Food Delivery Approaching Community Elder Mother Delivery Mothers

Give Monthly To Media & Mobilization

You can support our inspirational media that mobilizes people to action for the Sudanese by giving to this program on a monthly basis! Your once-a-month gift will help secure safe travels for our media team, occasionally upgrade outdated pieces of media gear, and ensure that we get the story of Sudan in front of more people. START YOUR MONTHLY GIVING »

Interview Setup Close Ups Prepping For An Interview Glidecam Operating Handshake Photoshoot Meeting Interview DSC 4963 DSC 2411 DSC 2562 DSC 3314 DSC 1824 DSC 1953
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